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You board on the wrong ship, honey.

I did not know it was Titanic until I had my heart broken.

I had the right Male Lead. The guy was lovey-dovey and all and I can see that he really cares for the MC. They had their moments when I foamed my mouth because of the sweetness. I was literally suffocated with the scenes they had with my treasured female character.They really suit for each other…

I said. “This is it! This ship’s ain’t gonna dock. Ever!”

I was so sure about that.The author really had led me on.

But fate was cruel.
With the swift of Author’s pen. The story went into 360. Well my ship went into 360. Male lead was actually a betrayer,

a double crosser,

a sadist,




Poor my baby bunny MC. Her heart has been shattered. My fellow shippers’ heart had been shattered. THE WORLD GRIEVE!

And from that moment on, I will never trust a potential pairing, not until they kiss on episode 9! (cough, cough “drama world” cough, cough)

I had my lesson learned.



A wannabe digital artist who loves walking on sandy beaches and eat some mangoes with spicy vinegar. Definitely loves food, sour if you please. Hungry for some fantasy and mystery novels, female protagonist that is.

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