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Why so snobbish?

Is it just me or some people do this?

When you pass someone you know and haven’t seen that person for a while, you actually tend to avoid him/her. It’s not that you hate that person, you’re just…hmmm…shy?

Well that’s me.
I don’t know if it’s a problem or not, maybe I’m just being to lazy to say hi. Geez me,just saying hi?  Sometimes I feel uncomfortable and and shyness overcomes me.Maybe cause I’m more of an introvert?  And a worrywart?
And I wouldn’t mind if I would be treated like this too.

I just hope that those people won’t feel offended by that. Sorry guys, I’m just to shy…*blush*



A wannabe digital artist who loves walking on sandy beaches and eat some mangoes with spicy vinegar. Definitely loves food, sour if you please. Hungry for some fantasy and mystery novels, female protagonist that is.

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