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Samon sounds like Salmon

Image result for samon kun wa summoner
Samon- kun wa summoner

Here’s another one of my favorite comedy mangas!

Our protagonist is a good girl and tries to befriend the new transfer student Samon- kun. Samon kun is actually a demon summoner and was quite interested of our heroine’s good nature and decides to drag her to the other side, hilarity ensues.

This is mainly comedy and sometimes there’s a hint of slice of life. There’s no definite storyline. When it dawns into seriousness they make it into comical at the end that makes it even more hilarious.

I seriously ship our main characters. Oh come on! Aren’t they adorable?
Samon kun, samon, kun…don’t be such a tsun tsun. I know you really like our heroine. Someone please make this delusion come true!!! Hello some fanfic story writers out there?!!!

If you got the time to laugh your butt off, then please do read this!



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