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Potatoes? potatoes anyone?

The Girl who ate a Death God

If you want some bottomless pit stomach heroine with a kick ass ability and with a war plot, then you’d want to read this.

This was the second story which I’ve liked after being introduced, for a while, to a gory, bloody, innards flying and mind puking plots and scenes from a certain web novel.

Before I was always on the Disney little princess who always wants peace and no fighting, hurting, and killing!

But now it was before.

With authors who gives interesting and believable plots and settings and as well those translators who work there butts off to share it to their fellow readers (because it’s a Japanese novel).

I was converted into it.

I don’t know…

but whenever the heroine beheads someone, I’d laugh


and say some things that shouldn’t be by a lady.

(You *beep* bastards. You deserved it.


Heal me with blood! Bring forth decapitated bodies!

*beep**beep**beep* )




You can find its summary and translations here in Novel Updates!

Gotta get me some hot potatoes…nyom..nyom…nyom…



A wannabe digital artist who loves walking on sandy beaches and eat some mangoes with spicy vinegar. Definitely loves food, sour if you please. Hungry for some fantasy and mystery novels, female protagonist that is.

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